Preparation of the swimming pool requires several steps to ensure carefree and quality usage.


It is necessary to thoroughly clean the equipment and swimming pool as well as fix any possible malfunctions. It is crucial to check that there are no spots where water could be leaking and that all of the equipment is running properly. Very often during the fall all of the equipment is functioning normally but by the time spring comes around that is not the case anymore. The two most common reasons for this issue are corrosion and improper storage.

After cleaning and equipment testing swimming pool can be filled up with water – important to know how to properly do this step for health reasons. 

Using the water from a lake or river can lead to coloring and improper PH value. Thus, it is safer and easier to use tap water since it is already processed. Also, to maintain high water quality, swimming pools require mechanical cleaning – using a filter that has to be properly chemically balanced.


The most common disinfection method is using chlorine, but there are some salt-based products. There are multifunctioning tablets that contain chlorine and aglycid which are placed in the filter. When using chlorine disinfection it is not directly put in the swimming pool but has to first be dissolved in water and then put into the swimming pool.

If the water is not properly monitored and PH value gets disturbed, algae reproduction is going to occur shortly. Proper swimming pool cleaning and disinfection requires a team of experts. Unverified products and mixing different products should be avoided.

In the case of algae reproduction, the swimming pool has to be properly cleaned at the bottom and the surface. The bottom is cleaned with a brush and vacuum, and the surface with a net designed for cleaning the dirt.


The filter cleaning depends based on the mode. The cardboard filter is cleaned weekly and its insert is used until it stops filtering. The sand filters eject dirt during the process of self-cleaning. These filters can be used for a longer time and have to be cleaned once a year.


At the end of the season, it is important to properly store the equipment. In order to protect the ceramics and prevent the pool from decadence, it is good to leave the water in and cover the pool.