Property management Company

Poljane Prom Split

Why hire a professional property management company? You can entrust this job to a neighbor or a less professional person.

You may save money in the beginning, but in the long run, it can cost you a lot.

We are managing your properties as if they were our own. That means, our high-quality service protects your investment:

  • At first, we are taking care of your income, taxes, and expenses
  • Participating in the selection of guests when renting and planning rental rates
  • Maintenance your property at minimal cost, because we are preventing problems
  • Allowing you to devote more time to your day-to-day business
  • Ensuring compliance with housing regulations and property law

At the moment there is an increasing number of property owners. So, there is also an opportunity for rental properties in Split. Regardless of the popularity of the destination, the city of Split is a pleasant city to live in. Thus, young people all over the world come to Split to live and work. Today’s modern technology makes this possible.

This is an opportunity for property owners to make an extra income from renting. Taking care of renting and maintaining a property requires a lot of time. So, it is best to entrust this job to a professional company.

Our residential property managers have an individual approach. In other words, we adapt our service to your needs. Our expert team is always at your disposal. We are able to intervene regardless of the size of the task

POLJANE PROM residential properties company