Property management services are a huge benefit for any owner. No matter, whether owning one or being an experienced owner of many commercial properties.

Dealing with: tenant requests, 
maintenance and rental concerns – takes a lot of time.
Most homeowners have their own core business. That further leaves less time to care about the commercial property.
Hiring a professional management service to devote the owner to his core business. The real estate management service then takes the charge for:
property rental: rental rate, guest or tenant selection, rent collection
property maintenance: daily surveillance and prevention.

In fact, excellent Property Management Services is not only limited to:

To ensure a superior service, we guarantee:

  • high standard of excellence
  • excellent promotion and reservation system for the property
  • clear and precise communication
  • achievement of the set goals
  • customer satisfaction

This is at the core of our business mission. There is no big or small project for us – we approach each project with the utmost care.

What do property management companies do?

Property management services include financial, legal and technical supervision. As a result of our commitment, Poljane Prom professional service ensures:

  • Preserving the value of your property. Because we have an effective successful prevention and control system.
  • We take care of everything in our business. Thus, many clients have recognized our work and give us their trust
  • At Least, Peace guarantees – because we take care of your property in the best possible way
  • Determine the best rental rate on your behalf and for your account. Including the rate of rental, costs, taxes and your goals.
  • Active participation in the selection of guests when renting your property.
  • Lease agreements negotiate and collect security deposits.

We achieve financial goals:

  • of rent collection
  • plan computation
  • expect requirements
  • prepare annual budgets
  • plan discussions
  • analyze actions and corrective action.

We maintain the property of preventative screening and specialist engagement.

If you want to secure the property even more? Thus, we will contract security companies and install and maintain security devices.

In fact, we achieve our goals within the deadline and the desired results.