Property Management service

Professional Property maintenance is an extra cost. Besides, it will be a worthwhile long term investment.

Real Estate Management Service guarantees you peace and security. While you are not staying in your holiday property, your property is in the best hands.

Our professional management service guarantee living in your property at the best. Your holiday clients will be happier, and they will return again and again.

Also, to maintaining your property, we are able to consult you on legal issues. Our high level of multilingual services helps us to deal with any problem.

Dedicated maintenance service

In other words, our goal is simple – provide the best service. Here you will find everything you need to maintain your holiday home in one place.

Whether its simple repairs or complete renovation projects – there is no difference to us. Our experienced experts are at your disposal.

For example, whether it is installing a new water heater. Even if it is necessary to renovate a bathroom or kitchen – we leave nothing to chance. With our trusted partners, we are able to get the furniture or appliances you need at the best prices.

Furthermore, with preventive monitoring, we do the necessary prevention of possible failures.

There are no unsolvable and hopeless situations for us. This is one of the reasons why most of the jobs referring to satisfied clients.

Painting, plastering and decorating service

Our proven and experienced experts recognize the importance of quality painting. Using the HQ paints and coatings, your walls or paintwork remain in top condition. This is also one of the most cost-effective ways of revitalizing Your property.

Achieving the finish is another of the most important details. Only experienced professionals know the plastering process. That include:

  • preparing the surface
  • mixing the right plaster
  • work to create a smooth surface

We achieve the best finish in many environments.

Drain cleaning

This is an essential part of maintaining the property. Blocked drains can cause a serious problem. One of them is the penetration of water and the appearance of moisture and odors. For rental property this won’t bring you good reviews from your guests.

Roof repairing and insulation

If the roof of the house is not maintaining well, it will turn into something more serious. We recommend that you include Roof control in the Contract. It is often the case that smaller works will be enough rather than completely covering the roofs.

Routine checks determine whether the existing attic insulation is inadequate. In this case, we will inform you of how to remedy the problem with significant savings.

Water and gas leakage repairs

This is one of the things we pay the most attention to during pre-screening. When we detect leakings, we arrange repairs as soon as possible. Our proven professionals have the necessary skills and tools to find leaks. Whether they are in hard-to-reach areas, we provide you with the best solutions.

Glass replacement

If the windows on your property are damaged, it is important that we repair it for safety reasons. In cooperation with our proven partners, we replace glass surfaces at competitive prices.

Occasional maintenance services

If you do not need a full maintenance contract, we can arrange occasional maintenance.

Carpentry and installation services

When installing furniture in the team it is important to have a good carpenter. Whether it is door fitting or furniture manufacturing – our skilled craftsmen are at your disposal.