Rental property

Is it profitable to rent Your holiday house or Apartment?

A property rental service makes your property as affordable as possible. We recommend renting it on a day when you are not using it for vacation.

Renting or not his property – this is often a question of the owner. Here are our tips to help you.

Whether you have visited one or more business premises, we are your ideal partner. Our expert team will answer all your questions about complete management services. We will analyze the market situation and do the best for your property.

Croatia is a popular tourist destination today, while Split is a desirable city for life. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is an opportunity for additional profit. Today’s modern technology has enabled a very fast business, and in fact many young people from all over the world come to Split to live. Our advice is to take the opportunity to rent your property.

We work tirelessly on our sales, how could we will find tenants to your needs.

Short-term rental property

Renting a property for short-term rentals can get the most out of it when it’s empty. In agreement with you, we will determine the weekly amount. Initially, we will cover all running costs. Thereafter, there will be additional revenue when the facility is not used.

When you want, enjoy, let’s keep it open for you. In high season, a short rental property is a great way to attract significant revenue. You can also see in your visit when you want.

Long term rental property

Renting a long-term property is a way to guarantee income from the property over a long period of time. Short term rentals could be great in the summer. But many homeowners choose to rent their homes, for example, from October to June.

In this way, it is possible to ensure complete income from the property. Also, the weekly cost will be lower than for short rents.

Rental amount for property to rent

We know the market best. Our estate agents, we help you work out the best rental price. If we set the rental price very low, there is a chance of losing a lot of money. A high rental price will make it difficult to rent your property.

There are several factors to consider when determining your rent:

  • annual real estate costs
  • the offer of another real estate
  • demand for other real estates
  • and more

In other words, determining the best rental price is a complex thing that should not leave to chance

You definitely need to think about it, because even in winter, real estate brings in extra income. So call us and our appointed representative will give the best advice.

In any case, the rental management service is worth considering.